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Sanchay Tech, a software development company located in Delhi, India, specializes in custom It solutions for modern medium, small and large scale enterprises in India and across the world. One of the leading software development companies, recognized for its custom software development capabilities, Sanchay Tech in Delhi NCR, promises total support and future-proof software to power your company ahead.

Suite of Software Services :-

Sanchay Tech, software development services specialist offers a suite of IT solutions covering ERP software solutions and CRM software. In addition, we have on offer billing software and applications developed to suit specific business purposes.

ERP Software Solutions :-

We deliver well architected, scalable and modular ERP software solutions customized to each business. Customized ERP development by Sanchay Tech results in software that can be deployed across networks, in the cloud or web based, to suit user preferences. Start with modules like inventory, sales, purchase and then go on to financials and HR modules. Our custom software development individualizes each module and integrates these seamlessly in a safe, secure way with centralized access, monitoring and reports.

In all we offer 18 modules that cover visitor management, stores, improvement management, asset management, audit, sales and billing, complaint and CRM, with robust architecture, secure databases and extreme ease of use. Our custom ERP implementation helps in quantifiable improvements, reduction in costs, lean production and manufacturing, better customer relationships and accelerated sales to get you revenues and make you more competitive. In-depth monitoring, analytics and reports give business intelligence for future planning. If you want simple, feature rich, modular ERP, get in touch with us.

CRM :-

Experts in CRM software, Sanchay Tech offer customized software development to architect customer relationship packages the way you want and integrate it with back end operations. Our qualified, experienced and expert developers have included powerful features in customizable modules that address virtually all aspects of customer relationship management. You can manage leads, interact with vendors and suppliers, keep existing customers in the loop, access records, generate reports and derive business intelligence to anticipate market developments.

CRM software can be integrated into ERP solutions or it can work as a stand alone module. Highly advanced, our custom CRM includes social media profiling and access from a superior user interface while integrating email, Google Apps and other features as may be required. If you want custom CRM to suit exactly what you need with none of the bloatware, get in touch with us.

Unique advantages of Sanchay :-

Sanchay approaches custom software development from the user perspective and our CRM and ERP products are the results of intensive research into current markets of India and the way they integrate IT into their operations. We have ready to run, off the shelf solutions and we can customize any package like billing software, to suit a user’s business environment. Our solutions have the shortest learning curve, a full spread of features and extreme ease of use. Flexible and agile, our development technique delivers solutions you can deploy in-house, across networks, through a browser or through the cloud. Hundreds of companies trust us; you too can. Try us today.

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