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Sanchay Tech, a digital marketing company based in Delhi NCR, India, offers a suite of services with the end purpose of achieving higher traffic and revenues for your organization. As an internet marketing company of repute in Delhi, we have assisted hundreds of companies go from local to international status and boost their revenues manifold. We are recognized internationally as an affordable and effective SEO company offering world class PPC services, SEO services, SMO services, Search engine optimization, Social media optimization, Facebook promotion, Google AdWords services and brand promotion to small, medium and large enterprises in India and abroad.
Our expertise as an SMO company has helped clients gain a fabulous online reputation, an enhanced brand image and quantum increase in business through organic implementation of SMO and social media marketing strategies customized to individual situations. Effective and powerful online reputation management results in clients improving their image online that, in turn, helps them get more business. Sanchay tech is a website promotion company in India par excellence, offering customized and modular packages you will find affordable and effective in the short and long term.

Search Engine Optimization :-

Sanchay Tech’s search engine optimization (SEO Services) is the core foundation of digital marketing online. Our SEO service can be classified broadly into two segments:
On Page SEO: This part takes care of optimizing your website to be search engine friendly by introducing key words, tags, titles and headings that are easily found by search engines. Then we modify or create a user-friendly and easy to navigate structure along with a theme that endows a website with striking good looks. This is taken a step further towards search engine friendliness by incorporating informative, useful and fresh content.

Off Page SEO: This is a more extended process covering a multitude of activities all with the purpose of creating backlinks and driving traffic that ultimately result in higher search engine rankings and more traffic with the passage of time. Content writing, posting to articles sites, blog posts, PRs, directly listings, facebook promotion and social media related activities are part of the overall offsite SEO digital marketing techniques

PPC, Online Advertisements :-

It takes time for search engine optimization to show results. In the meanwhile, we implement PPC services. As a PPC management company of repute, our Google AdWords Services help you achieve dramatic upturn in convertible traffic to website in the short term. What gets results is our fine-tuned use of well researched keywords, creation of landing pages for your site, content for the PPC ads and strategic implementation taking into consideration factors such as geographic targeting, timing of the ad and others to obtain maximum ROIs. This is supported by ongoing analysis and fine-tuning during the campaign. Along with Google, we also carry out a campaign of online advertisements in search engines and portals to generate immediate inquiries.

Social Media :-

Social media is another important aspect of digital marketing. A specialist SMO company in Delhi, Sanchay Tech has specialists in all aspects of social media optimization, SMO services, Facebook Promotion, social media marketing and brand promotions as well as online reputation management. Tactical implementation over time leads to an enhanced reputation, a growth in organic traffic that increases with passage of time and the perfect image to keep you ahead of competition.

A leading digital marketing company in Delhi, we have full-fledged teams with specialists in each branch, working collaboratively to achieve the goal of increased revenues and business growth for our clients.

Sanchay Tech Digital Marketing Company in Delhi

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