Our History

Lowering Costs while improving performance is key to success in any industry.

Sanchay Tech has a very impressive History. It was 1st June 2007, when an idea for benefit of masses, and industry as a whole gave birth to ‘Sanchay’. This idea was a step for improvement, a step for transformation.

The name ‘Sanchay’ is Hindi/ Sanskrit word meaning, ‘Kosh’ or ‘Reserve’. It symbolizes a ‘reservoir of knowledge and skills’. Initially on 17th September 2007, Sanchay Tech was incorporated as Sanchay Department.

Primarily Sanchay Department had 2 objectives, 'To manage the knowledge in the organization', and secondly 'to develop Skills of the members of organisation'. The department succeeded to a greater extent and to make it more effective, ‘Sanchay Skill Development Centre’ was formed.

Soon everyone in the organisation realized that this concept can do wonders for overall upliftment of the people, and industry as a whole. Seeing this success, management decided to help companies in solving many of their problems through the services provided by Sanchay.

So in 2013, Sanchay Tech was born and is currently focused in providing quality and competitive products, services, and solutions to all its clients.

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