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Lowering Costs while improving performance is key to success in any industry.

Our Logo represents our philosophy, culture and values. It’s not just a design. Inspired by three most important elements of nature, the logo consists of three spherical circles of different colors, 'Yellow, Silver and Blue'.

Instead of circles, we see them as sphere. A Sphere’s three-dimensional nature symbolizes our G-Local aspirations to becoming a Global company with Localized services and solutions.

The spheres…

'Yellow' colored represents ‘Sun’. Symbolic of being the most Powerful, it denotes Sanchay Tech’s high spirits, talent and relentless effort and energy towards every project.

'Silver' colored represents ‘Moon’. Symbolic of purity and truth, it also denotes Sanchay Tech’s commitment towards any work with clarity, focus and most importantly Honesty.

'Blue' colored represents ‘Ocean’. Ocean has unpredictable immense depth and helps sustain life. For Sanchay Tech, Ocean is symbolic of immense depth of Creativity and ideas in our work that gives life to projects.

At Sanchay Tech, we encourage all our stakeholders to be inspired by the characteristics by the Logo and demonstrate in daily working.

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