Online Reputation Management

Lowering Costs while improving performance is key to success in any industry.

Sanchay Tech deal with a number of corporations, celebrities and politicians that need our knowledge to manage their reputations online. Incorrect information, Negative results and slander can tarnish one’s reputation permanently. At Sanchay Tech, we consider that controlling your digital footprint is very important.

ORM (Online Reputation Management) gives you full power and control of success what the online search engine results will be. This benefits the businesses and the individuals to reap profits.

The various points of influence are:

  • Traditional websites.
  • Professional networks/website like LinkedIn.
  • Social networks like Facebook, twitter and others.
  • Consumer Review sites such as MouthShut, opinions and others.
  • Social Profile / bookmarking sites like, dig, technorati etc.
  • Mutual Research sites such as Yahoo Answers, Quora, Rediff Q&A.
  • Blogs creation and managed.
  • Blogging communities as the Open LiveJournal, Diary, Xanga.
  • Microblogs e.g. Twitter, tumblr.

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