Assets Management/CMMS

The complicated nature of Asset management software highlights you require relies on upon the bulkiness of your business forms. Generally speaking, you require software with the accompanying fundamental modules: buying, devaluation, bar coding, stock control and a help work area. In the event that quite a bit of your current asset management systems are as already web-based, you should get to discover software that is perfect with web programs or (ERP frameworks when relevant). This software is also known as Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS).

SanchayTech’s ASSETS management Software helps your team better track accurate asset location, assignment, inventory, maintenance and usage. The tool puts a reviving client experience on top of capable ticketing and resource administration abilities like auto-revelation of new assets, capable design administration and upgraded impact analysis.

Why SanchayAssets Management Software..?

  • Easy to Use, and Deploy
  • Sort out computerized resources into a legitimate and organized blueprint
  • Give capable import and export usefulness for computerized resources and robotize the gathering of metadata
  • Make assets simple to find and to use by individuals
  • Expand profitability as well as productivity
  • Decrease duplication of Assets and outdated Assets
  • Advance brand solidarity and cooperation inside of an enterprises.

Important Features

  • Controls purchasing & optimizing utilization
  • Gives better services & Enhance Company’s Profitability
  • Assessing cost of ownership
  • Exposing Security risks
  • Flexibility & Customization
  • Maintains assets Standards
  • Keeping complete Track & record of entire Assets


  • Cloud or Local Storage Technology
  • Web Based Interface
  • Works without Internet
  • ASP. Net MVC, The latest and most trustable
  • Supports Mobile Platform

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