Visitor Management

The security requirements of every organisation and infrastructure are challenging and growing rapidly. There is a high need of visitorscreening, registration, signed in quickly and allowed to visit only the relevant areas via integration with access control devices. Sanchay Visitor Management Software allows total control of Visitor Management Issues. Please go through the sections given below as they describe the key benefits and importance of using Sanchay Visitor Management Application.

Why Sanchay Visitor Management Software?

  • Improves Security
  • Key Process Indicators & Custom Reports – development engines enable easy analysis and control.
  • Self-service, Pre–registration options reduce visitor registration time / delays.
  • Manage Regular Visitors and Clients for Easy and Express Check In.
  • Integration with emails / exchange server provides operational efficiency.
  • Integration with Access Control systems provides excellent security management& control.
  • Efficient and effective tracking of all visitors.
  • Increases company reputation
  • Integrates with other ERP Modules

Important Features

  • Easy to Use, and Deploy
  • Tracks all visitors, Allow Group Entry
  • Express/ Repetitive Visitor Gate Pass
  • Appointment Booking
  • Check In Approvals and Access
  • Returning of Visitors
  • Emergency Visitor Check In
  • Dashboard, Reports, Historical Records
  • Mobile App for better reach.
  • Excellent Support


  • Cloud Technology
  • Web Based Interface for easy
  • Works without Internet
  • ASP. Net MVC, The latest and most trustable.
  • Supports Mobile Platform

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