Document Management System

Document management is an Electronic document with check-in check-out, Version control and Compounded document, Indexing, Searches and Retrieval. Sanchay Tech Product Suite Includes a Broad range of features and functions to collate archive and retrieve critical information at any point of time from anywhere in the globe over secured internet connection.

Key Features

  • Unified Repository for all documents and folders across the organization
  • Comprehensive document scanning indexing and storage
  • Online Indexing
  • Export/Import Email, Print Encrypt Document
  • 150 File Types Supported (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Audio & Video Files)
  • Indexing on custom fields at folder and file level
  • Comprehensive and easy to set access rights control at folder level with inheritance
  • Specific right at document level for sharing
  • Full Text, Index and parametric search Email Integration Mails archival to Sanchay DMS
  • Document Check in, Check out & Version control
  • Workflow for efficient document collaboration
  • Archival on solid state storage media such as CD and DVD
  • Customized file view
  • Note & Note sheet
  • Notification & Alarms
  • Notification & Alarms
  • Server clustering for enterprise-class scalability


  • Cloud or Local Storage Technology
  • Web Based Interface
  • Works without Internet
  • ASP. Net MVC, The latest and most trustable
  • Supports Mobile Platform

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