Purchase Management

The purchasing management department ensures that all goods, supplies and inventory needed to drive the business are well-ordered and reserved in stock. Controlling inventory levels and building strong supplier relationships is also an important function apart from cost management and control.In short, Purchasing is the function of buying Goods & Services from External Source to an Organisation effectively and efficiently.

Purchase management is one of the most Crucial Area of the Entire Organisation as it is an important factor that affects the profitability of anycompany. Purchase is the Main Activity in Area of Material management and thereforerequires Intensive management.

SanchaySoftwarespresents a proven integrated software for managing requisitions, purchase orders, gate entries, material receipt notes, invoices that help you manage the Purchase Management process efficiently and effectively.

Why Sanchay Purchase Management Software?

  • Improves Data Security
  • Fits into the commonly followed Purchase Process
  • Overcome the challenges that you're struggling with in your current system
  • Help you achieve your financial and cost reduction goals
  • Empower the team to follow standardised purchasing process
  • Enable collaboration and visibility at every level
  • Increases company reputation and supplier confidence
  • Integrates with other ERP Modules
  • Operate as a separate Purchase & Store management software.

Important Features

  • Easy to Use, and Deploy
  • Manages purchase requisition by store
  • Create, Print and Manage Purchase Orders
  • On Material Reciept, manage gate entry of material
  • Manage MRN (Material Reciept Note)
  • Manage Purchase Invoices
  • Dashboard, Reports, Historical Records
  • Mobile App for better reach.
  • Excellent Training, Hand Holding, and Support


  • Cloud or Local Storage Technology
  • Web Based Interface
  • Works without Internet
  • ASP. Net MVC, The latest and most trustable.
  • Supports Mobile Platform

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